Engitec Limited


ENGITEC is a high-tech SME which aims to provide advanced non-destructive inspection services, development of customised data acquisition systems and software for industrial applications, and metallurgical expertise to its customers.  The company’s headquarters are in Limassol, Cyprus.

ENGITEC has a strong Research and Development orientation and is active in the provision of specialised services and consultancy.  The company offers its expertise on structural integrity evaluation of critical industrial structures, condition monitoring of rotating and reciprocating machinery.

ENGITEC is heavily involved in advancing condition monitoring and inspection technology through the development of advanced signal analysis methods depending on the application concerned.

ENGITEC is also active in the field of renewable energy providing expertise in the installation, construction and maintenance of wind and solar energy systems up to 50kW.  ENGITEC provides expert inspection and condition monitoring for industrial onshore wind turbines.

ENGITEC undertakes telecommunications-related projects, including data transmission over the air, data handling from multiple remote sensor networks and processing.  Finally, ENGITEC develops and maintains customised software for industrial Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) centres.