Instituto de Soldadura E Qualidade

Founded in 1965, ISQ is a private and independent company providing inspection, testing, training and technical consultancy.  We support our customers performance improvement and risk reduction, offering high quality and innovative services and solutions, helping their infrastructures, equipment, processes and products to meet the standards and regulations for quality, security, environment and social responsibility.  Our growth strategy is based on an increasingly important and sustained presence in the world thanks to our offices, delegations and associated companies in more than 15 countries.  We bet on innovation and continuous training of our human resources.

We offer our customers global and integrated solutions adapted to their needs aiming to further increase the availability of their assets.  Our mission is to contribute to the improvement of Portuguese industry and services, resulting in an expanded international presence, by collaborating with Public Entities, regional councils and businesses in order to share and develop technology, new products and processes, structured management practices and quality control, hygiene and safety, energy conservation and environmental protection, and systematic maximization of human resources.

Research & Development and Innovation is one of the keys in the history of ISQ throughout around 50 years of existence. This characteristic rests on the continuous anticipation of the needs of the corporate sector and development of the due capacity to respond, based on 3 basic aspects:

  • Adequate premises
  • Technologically advanced equipment
  • Highly skilled human resources

In collaboration with more than 1200 national and international partners, both industrial and academic, ISQ promotes technology transfer for the industry, thereby contributing for a bigger sustainability and development of the corporate fabric.

In last the 20 years, ISQ not only reached a position of leadership among Portuguese technological infrastructures, but attained also international recognition.

It was partner or coordinator in more than 400 R&D projects (since 80’s) and participated in the Programs IXV (re-entry vehicle of the European Space Agency), ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) and CERN (Large Hadron Collider).

It is worth mentioning also, given its importance for the future development of the ISQ activity, current participation in the following projects:

  • DEMOWFLOAT – Demonstration of the WindFloat Technology
  • AEROINSPECT – Development of an Integrated System for Inspection of Components in the Aeronautical Industry
  • SAFENERGY – Development of an Advanced Architecture of Inspection and Monitoring of Critical Components of Electric Power Plants

As result of R&D activities, it is worth mentioning the recent technological applications such as automatic Phased Array and Guided Waves in oil industry installations in Portugal and abroad, application of lifecycle evaluation and “Echo-Design” in the development of new sustainable products, the intelligent monitoring of cathode protection systems of characterization and control of coverings.