Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult (formerly NAREC) is a leading, independent, cross-disciplined research and development platform serving utility companies, developers, manufacturers and investors in new energy technologies. ORE Catapult has assembled leading expertise and associated resources to ensure that it can offer world leading facilities for this important research sector.  In partnership with industry, ORE Catapult is achieving new breakthroughs in the design, deployment and commercialisation of renewable energy technologies, shaping the future through innovation. ORE Catapult’s vision is to be recognised worldwide as the UK’s leading centre for advancing the development and integration of renewable energy through technology-led innovation.

ORE Catapult has invested over £150M in the development of some of Europe’s largest research, testing and demonstration facilities designed to accelerate the deployment of offshore renewable energy technologies. These include an offshore 99.9MW capacity site for testing and evaluating large scale wind turbines, a mechanical testing facility for blades up to 100m length, a turbine drive train facility up to 15MW capacity, an electrical and power take-off system facility, an 1/10th scale wave prototypes, and a subsea connection and deployment facility.