University of Birmingham

UOB is widely acknowledged as one of Europe’s top research Institutes. For more than a century, research at UOB has contributed to the advance of knowledge and its application and has achieved an international reputation for the highest quality of scholarship and research, for academic excellence, and for the quality of its alumni. UOB will participate in OPTIMUS through the University’s Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering Department in the School of Engineering. The aim of EECE department at the University of Birmingham is to provide a world class educational and research centre to support the industry in the fields related to Electronic, Electrical, and Computer Engineering. The EECE Department is internationally renowned for its quality of research and dissemination of knowledge. The Department has established strong links with the industry across the world. Research undertaken by the Departments is funded by the UK government, the EU and industry. UOB is also a member of the UK Energy Technologies Institute which was established in 2006 to promote cutting-edge science and engineering to the energy sector.