Work Packages

The OPTIMUS project has eight work packages containing tasks, milestones and deliverables.  Details of each work package are listed below.

Work Package 1: Analysis of general failure modes of wind turbines
  • To collect failure data for onshore and offshore wind farms and analyse them in order to determine the key reliability issues affecting wind turbine performance
  • To assess existing commercial condition monitoring systems currently employed in terms of the improvement they offer in wind turbine operational reliability
  • To develop an appropriate energy costing model
Work Package 2: Gearbox reliability
  • To review the gearbox design reliability of large-scale industrial wind turbines
  • To determine and define failure root cause analysis
  • To carry out detailed drive-train simulation and analysis
  • To develop an accurate progostic life model for drive-trains
Work Package 3: Condition monitoring of wind turbine electrical and power control systems
  • To instrument a number of large-scale wind turbines for collection of sufficient data
  • To carry out computer modelling and simulations
  • To implement an enhanced condition monitoring methodology for wind turbine  power electronics
Work Package 4: Load-independent condition monitoring of wind turbines
  • To analyse the effect of variable loads on condition monitoring measurements
  • To filter variable load effect through novel signal processing methodology
  • To demonstrate the efficiency of the load-independent condition monitoring methodology developed under actual conditions
Work Package 5: Cost-effective condition monitoring technology for wind turbines
  • To accurately assess condition monitoring requirements for onshore and offshore wind turbines and compare the differences
  • To develop and demonstrate a data fusion-based condition monitoring technique in order to increase overall accuracy
  • To demonstrate an appropriate prognostics methodology for key components influencing the operational reliability of wind turbines
  • To demonstrate the level of reliability achieved based on the new tools and methods developed
Work Package 6: Dissemination and exploitation of knowledge
  • To develop an exploitation plan for the foreground knowledge developed
  • To disseminate the key results of the project through numerous channels
  • To organise workshops and seminars for the benefit of the wind energy industry
Work Package 7: Training
  • To assess existing standards and make proposals for updating them where relevant
  • To prepare training procedures for relevant personnel and where appropriate organise workshops
Work Package 8: Project management
  • To provide technical coordination
  • To prepare and submit periodic and final reports to the EC services
  • To assess technical progress of the project
  • To monitor internal financial reporting
  • To create and maintain the project’s website